Ever feel stuck and frustrated because you have some persistent problem with your business, money, relationships, or health? Take this one-minute quiz.

After observing how she solved problems, and guided clients to solve problems, Bess found a pattern and outlined the 4 simple steps:

1. Identify the problem
2. Identify the feeling
3. Identify the need under the problem
4. Meet the need = problem gone.

Bess put this in a Real Conversations Chart for you, made an audio to explain it, and wrote 5 short e-lessons to explain the 4 steps.
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Real Conversations is reported by those who use it to work quickly, directly, and powerfully.

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Bess created and teaches Real Conversations®, a simple process about loving ourselves enough to listen to our own needs and respond to them. It is a proven, practical 4-step system that takes us quickly and directly to the key for breakthrough!

When we unlock the secret to our next level, step, or goal, it’s because we’ve touched into a core, primal, God-given need. We know it, because it’s alive, vibrant, and real! When we respond to it, that’s an act of love. It always propels us forward.

Here is a video demo of Bess coaching Real Conversations for business on a Google Plus Hangout.

Listen to a workshop on Real Conversations presented for Wisdom at Work Austin.

“The most important ingredient for your success is the Real Conversations you have with yourself.” ~ Bess McCarty