What if your problems turned into interesting puzzles to solve? 

What is Real Conversations? It is getting Real with ourselves, to get Real solutions fast! This class is live group coaching that teaches self-help in 4 simple steps for Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and all People who feel stuck, fearful, or frustrated; who want a better, easier career, relationships, health, weight loss, or life fulfillment.

Every Tuesday at 9:00-10:00 PM Eastern Time, by phone. For privacy, it is confidential, and not recorded. Join the Class Here to Get Call in Details  Emailed to You:

Because we all face problems. BIG ones! We long for relief, to understand and solve them. To feel better and be happy.  To live better lives! We long for the freedom that is just on the other side!

Bess makes it easier.

People bring their worries to this class, their frustrations, discouragements, fears, loneliness, longings, or troubles, and are  heard, helped, and empowered to a solution! And they learn the simple 4-step method to help themselves.

Bess McCarty leads the class. She teaches that every problem is the sign of an unmet need. And that there is a solution to every problem. And it is usually closer than we think! We are BIGGER than any problem facing us. We can become master problem-solvers. We are not alone.

“I love when my problems turn into interesting puzzles to solve,
And my unhappiness becomes a challenge for my creativity,
And my pain a springboard into adventure!
That feels pretty good! And freeing!”

​​​​​​​“When a problem arises, it’s actually comforting to me to see what the underlying need is.” – Lisa Metzgar

Bess is a Body Mind therapist who created and trademarked this Real Conversations process, and has been teaching it for over 30 years. She has helped many hundreds of people solve problems fast. By finding the hidden need under the problem, then meeting that need in a healthy way. It works every time! An essential life-skill.

This began when she noticed that how she helped herself and clients was through 4 steps: Identifying the problem, emotion, need, and solution. Because of dysfunctional childhood programming, we are often taught to not know our feelings and needs. We sometimes have to be a detective to uncover them! But once we do, we seem to tap into a source of truth and power! It’s quite exciting, and now we can create a solution!

Bess loves to teach this. It is her life’s work.

Do you know anyone who is stressed, frustrated, burned out, or stuck with some persistent problem with their business, money, time, family, relationships, or health? And would like to be able to quickly resolve this?

That’s why Bess created this powerful self-help process for people: Real Conversations. She believes it is the most important tool she can share with anyone.  So people can have more joy, freedom, success and fulfillment. There is no problem Real Conversations cannot solve. Bess guarantees it!

This is a great class for people who love personal growth. The price is right too, only $97 a month for six hours of group coaching by phone, confidential, and NOT recorded. Attendees can be anonymous if they wish.

You are a creative being who is bigger than any problem before you. It was placed there, not to defeat you, but to inspire your creativity and feel great about that! You have overcome problems before, haven’t you? How did that feel?

These tools make them simple and fun to solve. Real Conversations. For 30 years as a Body Mind Therapist, Bess developed and teaches the easiest, most direct method to break through a block fast.

Why not use it?

After all this is the most interesting and exciting movie on the planet: the Story of Your life!

Real Conversations Class

* Weekly, confidential phone class for those who love personal growth, who want to upgrade their mindset, master their life skills, and solve problems quickest! With Bess McCarty, Body Mind Therapist, Inner Child Practitioner, Shrink of MLM, 30 years experience and growing daily.

* Ever feel stuck and frustrated because you have some persistent problem with your business, money, relationships, or health? Bust frustration, procrastination, discouragement, fear, anger with this method in minutes. It works!

* Each class begins with a self-help lesson, then we do live do processes and mastermind. Bring your challenge for help, or listen to others solve theirs. This class is confidential and can be anonymous.

“This work with Bess is powerfully effective. If you truly desire to get to the root of the unseen drivers of the patterns running your life (or maybe wrecking your life) this is the most direct method I’ve come across. In my own journey, I have used several other methods, and this is the one I recommend first to anyone willing to take responsibility for their own life and engage the inner work of self -understanding. “ – John Sweat

Every Tuesday at 9:00-10:00 PM Eastern Time, by phone. For privacy, it is confidential, and not recorded. Join the Class Here to Get Call-In Details Emailed to You:

Or call Bess at (512) 569-1139 for more info, including private coaching or a free Real Conversations Workshop for your team!

Or get the free tools: https://bessmccarty.com/real-conversations-2/

The Class takes it to a deeper level and has live processes you learn from.

Bess created and teaches Real Conversations®, a simple process about loving ourselves enough to listen to our own needs and respond to them. It is a proven, practical 4-step system that takes us quickly and directly to the key for breakthrough!

When we unlock the secret to our next level, step, or goal, it’s because we’ve touched into a core, primal, God-given need. We know it, because it’s alive, vibrant, and real! When we respond to it, that’s an act of love. It always propels us forward.

“I recently joined Bess McCarty’s Real Conversations Class. I’ve done a lot of programs, classes, coaching and even therapy in my life, and yet last night I got a new understanding of the cause of my problem and what to do about it.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised – wowed even – by the attention, insight and skilled coaching that Bess gives to each and every student. She is sparkly and has a lot of depth. I am absolutely certain that this investment in myself will pay off in huge dividends.” – Maria Meiners


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* The deepest work I do for people is https://bessmccarty.com/healing-the-past/